The Importance Of Health


What is the Significance of Health?

The importance of health is often analyzed from a variety of different positions. We have covered the various compelling reasons to strive for good health.

Speaking regarding good health, we can not concentrate solely on a healthy physical body. It is important to place just as much emphasis on mental health as well. Health can be viewed as a continuum. When the mental and physical status of our bodies are functioning optimally, we are said to be in a good health condition. Certain external factors influence this process negatively.

Stress, disease, accidents, improper nutrition, inadequate hygiene and poor lifestyle choices all serve as detriments to good health. Contemporary life has changed and often leaves us forsaking aspects of our health.

What is the Personal Importance of Health?

There are numerous benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. First is the lowered risk of illness and disease. This in term increases longevity as healthy individuals live longer. The next benefit has enhanced the quality of life. With less risk of disease and infections, one is less likely to suffer the negatives of ill health, such as pain, aches and discomfort.

This overall feeling of well being transcends home life and extends to work and school performance as well. Many in great health report improved work and school life. As the saying goes; when you look good, you feel good. Good health carries into later life as it allows the body to better heal itself.


Good health radiates and allows you to feel exuberant.

How does Health Influence the Workplace?

Employees have an obligation to themselves and their employer to maintain a high level of health. When you are healthy you feel invigorated and can perform to the best of your abilities and talents. Tasks, both mundane and taxing, need not overwhelm you when you are operating at peak level performance.

When not saddled with the burden of poor health, you can better manage the day to day rigours of professional and home life with ease. You will feel compelled to complete assigned tasks and ready to accept new ones. When healthy, the mind focuses on new possibilities and overflows with positivity. You shake off setbacks for easily and avoid becoming mired in negativity.

Lastly, you can rest more efficiently at the end of a long hard day due to not having to endure hours of bodily aches and pains. This equals fewer absences and sick leave from work and a boost in productivity that could translate into a higher salary for you.

Good health has tangible and quantifiable benefits in the workplace. Healthy employees are more productive employees. Since they directly benefit, it behoves employers and organizations to develop and implement health care policies. Those that adopt this proactive and concerned approach attract and retain the best talent as employees appreciate the effort. This can also translate into financial benefit via higher retention rates, improved morale and lower rates of absenteeism.

What are the Benefits of Good Health for Children?


Children need focus and energy to concentrate and learn in the classroom each day.


Children are in a constant state of growth and development. Good health is absolutely vital to this process. Children need focus and energy to concentrate and learn in the classroom each day. In order to do so successfully, they require nutritious meals that supply their growing bodies with the fuel needed. Many parents and caregivers understand basic components of proper nutrition.

However, some may underestimate the importance if regular physical exams. Children require checkups at regular intervals to assess their growth and development. This allows parents to make necessary adjustments and help their child stay on the road to good health. Healthcare professionals can ensure that children are in the proper range for height and weight, as well as assess their eye and dental health.

Good health is important for all ages. It impacts every aspect of life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps preserve the quality of life.

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