No Cost Home Exercises


It would be great if we could all afford that equipment that the gyms have, but as wonderful as that sounds, it is just not a reality for most of us. Exercise is important and it is very possible to do exercise daily without any equipment at all.

Try popping in your favourite CD while you are doing them at home. Your kids can even join in the fun – they will love it!

Ways You CAN Exercise At Home

Now that all the excuses are out of the way, here is what you can do at home.

1. Walking – weather permitting, you can enjoy your surrounding while you exercise. If the weather does not play ball, you can walk up and down your stairs a couple of times. No stairs? No problem, just do a few laps around the living room.


Enjoy your surrounding while you exercise.

2. Jumping Jacks – Bring back those childhood memories with this exercise and get a great cardio workout at the same time.

3. Push-ups – Not a favourite for everyone, but there are variations that you can try. Choose what works for you! Push-ups are excellent for building arm strength and for your chest muscles.

4. Leg Lifts – The perfect exercise for building up the muscles in your legs. These ones you can even do in bed!

5. Crunches – This is a great ab exercise. Anyone can do them and they work if you put some work in.

6. Jogging on the Spot – Great for your heart, easy to do in front of the TV and all you need is a good pair of shoes and motivation.

7. Squats – The buttocks and leg exercise you want to be doing! The more you do, the easier it will get.

8. Light Weight Lifting – You do not need equipment for this exercise. Just use whatever you have lying around the house. Filled bottles of water work well.

9. Dancing – Who does not love dancing? A great heart rate booster and an exercise that will lift your spirits at the same time. Great for any age group, dancing will wear off the energy younger people have and make the older folk feel younger.

10. Step Exercises – Any steps will work, inside or outside your home. Doing a few repetitions will help to tone your leg muscles.


Getting in full body workout without fancy equipment or spending hours in a gym is actually possible.

Cut out extra costs by becoming your own personal trainer. Work out a plan for your individual needs and stick with what works for you. If you are not sure how any of what and how often you should be doing them, just go onto Youtube or one of the other social media platforms for advice and ideas. There are tons of videos and information available to choose from. Find what is going to work best for your needs and slowly but surely, you will start seeing results without the cost.

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